ERP for today’s Electronics Manufacturing & Distribution companies

BreezeERP’s innovative solutions enable you to complete component sourcing activities in minutes instead of hours/days. BreezeERP already comes connected with supplier and distributor systems. In a single click, you can fetch prices from different suppliers with stock availability, get order details, and process order with 100% efficiency

Digital First, Cloud ERP Solution For

Electronics Manufacturing & Distribution Companies

Simplify your complexity

Streamline and automate processes across your business to deliver quality products, optimise your supply chain, and exceed customer expectations.

Be more agile

Respond to changes in high-tech demand, shortening product life cycles, and the accelerating pace of innovation with more control, speed, and accuracy.

Drive profitable growth

Adjust processes, improve performance, and make smarter overall decisions to minimise costs and turn razor-thin margins into profitable growth.

Features & Modules

BreezeERP has the comprehensive features for any Electronics businesses

Multi-level BOMs

Respond faster to changes in product technology, market demand, and customer needs: Flexible and comprehensive multi-level BOM management. Version control with full BOM revision history. Engineering change order management

Activity Based Costing (ABC)

BeezeERP follows the Activity Based Costing (ABC) approach and it helps to arrive at the minute cost details added to Finished Goods. Typical FG cost will contain, RM Costs, Production labor costs, Machine cost sets.

Work Order Dashboard

BreezeERP handles Work Orders with ONE Page activity. You can request for Materials, transfer to Production Unit. (Material Request form) Get Semi or Finished Goods reporting. Send the Raw / Semi Finished materials for Subcontracting & Receive the Finished Components from Subcontractor

Daily/Weekly Production Plan

BreezeERP handles Daily/Weekly Production plan that helps prepare the Production Plan for a week or month for 10 to 100 Finished Goods. It Helps to process and generate ONE STOCK list to be collected from Stores. In case of any Materials Shortages, one can raise the Purchase Indents.

Sales Order Processing

BreezeERP has the following modules that helps and streamlines your business with Sales Quotation – Helps to send Quotes, Sales Order – Inventory, Services, Multi Currencies. You can Convert SO to Invoice or generate Export Invoice. The ERP is built to handle Sales Returns effectivey

Master Data Processing

BreezeERP has the masters modules that helps pre-define and streamlines your business. You can create the master data like Products, Supplier etc. You can upload the master data and we have provided EXCEL Formats. Product master can have Units of Base, Alternate or Multi Units of Measurement.

Efficient inventory

Modernise your business with leading digital capabilities to optimise your global supply chain and distribution. Gain complete visibility into your suppliers’ and in-transit inventory and maximise your inventory efficiency. The ERP comes with an intuitive and comprehensive multi-site capabilities.

Purchase Order Processing

In BreezeERP you can create the purchase order for Inventory or Import, receive the materials and accordingly update Inventory. It comes with a return PO module with effect on inventory. Along with this Automated subcontracting POs, work orders, and invoicing.

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