We Are Building ERP For SMBs

We are building Breeze, a build-as-you-go solution where each of its modules - accounting, field force management, inventory management, HRMS and so on are developed to be individually (or in combination) deployed to integrate with the existing system of a SMB's business and enhance the operation. Our ERP is build with 4 principals in mind.

increase profit & reduce unnecessary expense


Maximise control on your company


Manage inventory at lowest cost without stockout


Maximise utilisation of your finance, inventory & people


Better ERP Means Better Profit

Making your business grow in terms of revenue and profit is the core principal of the BreezeERP team. We believe that utilising your resources to the optimum limit will give you the edge in this competitive business arena.

  • Expand your Product Portfolio
  • Expand Business Reach & Profit
  • Plan and Predict Cost and Revenue