Simplified Project Handling & Management on Cloud with Breeze

Integrated solution

Breeze provides a PROJECT-CENTRIC integrated solution that manages all stages of a project lifecycle.

Intuitive Reports

Breeze will generate the REPORT based on real-time information to drive efficiency and performance.

High visibility

Breeze helps in allowing the complete VISIBILITY and tracking the project on time by maintaining the budget.

Useful Features

Breeze is integrated with all the most USEFUL feature used to check the requirements that drive operational excellence.

Mobile accessibility

Access the system anywhere from your any device with 10” screen like a tab, get real-time updates on project progress.

Budget Estimation/Control

Get estimated budgets based on resources, plants and machinery, and subcontracts with alerts that exceed costs.

Inventory Management

Powerful inventory management features that help you avoid overstocking and under-stocking of raw material.

Document Management

Facilitate an ecosystem that is fully paperless and incorporates document management.

Easy Dashboards

Custom dashboards with live graphs which users can be assigned based on their roles and responsibilities.

User-definable status

Allocate a status to a project such as completed and closed, introduce your stages and milestones to easily identify the progress of each project.

Frequently asked questions

On a very basic level, project management includes the planning, initiation, execution, monitoring, and closing of a project. It also includes purchase, procurement, delivery, inventory, stocks and financial billing & invoicing, 

Our project management software allows you to schedule activities on a time scale and assign these to teams and employees. Project managers can maintain multiple projects and activities organized by project, date range, teams and more by using dashboards. Employees can report progress, enter time used, and update statuses of activities. It is also possible to cost by project or activity, and form planned and/or actual comparisons. 

Yes, the project management software is natively integrated into abas ERP. Projects can be started from quotes or sales orders. Projects or activities can also be linked to sales orders, work orders, and purchase orders. Employees that are defined in the ERP database are used in the project functionality. Costing for projects are performed using the standard abas finance and cost accounting functions.

BreezeERP PM provides various project roles, from the project manager/project leader to project team members and controllers. The roles ensure that different project participants each have their own specific view of the project.

Our clients say

"We needed a solution that would merge all departments from Finance to Procurement & Delivery integrating Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Warehouse & specially Projects. The key was availability of information at the right time and the right place and with Breeze ERP solution in place. I would not hesitate to recommend Breeze ERP to any clients, as I know they will receive a world-class service."
Arnab Banerjee
" We have been using Breeze ERP for the last 2 years and it continues to be a strategic solution for all of our Branches and operational requirements.
We are very happy and would not hesitate to recommend their products and services to other companies considering a move to a modern 'Next Generation' ERP system."
Kaaushik Kar

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