Optimise Service Management and Increase Productivity

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Maximize customer lifetime value through a Connected Customer Experience platform that connects all stakeholders

Lower Costs by Optimising Delivery

Optimise delivery by app based tracking, order booking, collection in realtime to provide quick and reliable service maximising customer delight.

Generate High Margin Service Revenue

Enables them to orchestrate all service lifecycle interactions, extending across Warranty, after sales service, field sales and others.

Increase Customer Retention

With optimised and real time sync between all delivery channels you will be able to provide unparalleled customer experience increasing your retention rate and your MRR.

Service Tracking and Workflow

Service Management application area’s deep integration with sales orders, project reporting, inventory, and manufacturing, your technicians will remain connected to real time data.

Service Parts & Inventory

Service Management provides you with the tools you need to plan inventory and forecast the demand for parts using historical demand and the schedule for upcoming service calls.

Contract & Warranty Management

Service Management tightly integrates contractual obligations into the services workflow, allowing you to consistently and accurately forecast revenue and manage engagements.


The invoices are generated in ERP in sync with the app and are automatically entered in the accounts receivable ledger and posted according to the configured routine of activities.

Mobile Field Service

Your remote field technicians can use the mobile app to report work hours and materials, log field notes, obtain customer signatures, access service history or warranty information, or communicate directly with the back office.

Document Management

Your service managers can attach key documents related to customers, service orders, items, or any other system record, transaction or process. Documents can be viewed, checked in and checked out based on role-based permissions.

Frequently asked questions

Service Management focuses on providing value to the customer and also on the customer relationship. Service Management provides a framework to structure service-related activities like warranty, support, installation, after sales service, field sales etc

helps you understand and track your field operations in real-time, and reduce your manual effort. The benefits of using Breeze can be classified into three:
a) Increased productivity and efficiency :
· No more paperwork
· Better first fix rates
· Instantly schedule and dispatch

b) Reduced costs:
· Better field crew utilization
· No double data entry work and error checking
· Less number of dispatchers and managers

c) Improved customer satisfaction:
· Better quality of work
· Quicker resolution
· Capture customer feedback in real-time
· Hassle free invoicing and billing.

An average user can save more than 17% of total field costs through using a Field Service Management tool

We recommend a window of time of about a 15 business days between signing up and going live. The process can be completed more quickly than this, but it is beneficial to take as much time as needed for training, testing, and data preparation.

An average user can save more than 17% of total field costs through using a Field Service Management tool. Think of the amount of new business you can get with 17% time sales per agent. 

Our clients say

"We needed a solution that would merge all departments from Finance to Procurement & Delivery integrating Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Warehouse & specially Projects. The key was availability of information at the right time and the right place and with Breeze ERP solution in place. I would not hesitate to recommend Breeze ERP to any clients, as I know they will receive a world-class service."
Arnab Banerjee
" We have been using Breeze ERP for the last 2 years and it continues to be a strategic solution for all of our Branches and operational requirements.
We are very happy and would not hesitate to recommend their products and services to other companies considering a move to a modern 'Next Generation' ERP system."
Kaaushik Kar

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