Manage Business Finance Seamlessly with Breeze Cloud ERP

Streamline Operations

Close your books faster with time-saving automation and workflow. Efficiently handle month-end activities with fewer errors, automated alerts and notifications.

Generate & Share Reports

Generate and share multiple reports with your clients and suppliers with BreezeERP. Send regular updates to all parties with a statement of accounts.

Accurate & Real-Time

Gain control on business activities and performance with financial reports and personalised dashboards that access the shared, centralised database.

Manage Multiple Entities

Integrate financials across multiple business entities, including automated reporting, consolidation, payments, and cash management.

Configurable Chart of Accounts

Pre-generated COA with latest corporate/non-corporate guidelines, with complete flexibility to change it as per your requirements

Pre-Configured Posting GLs

No tension of selecting appropriate ledgers or assigning debit/credit. 100% automated, financial postings based on pre-configured GLs with flexibility to change

Voucher Printing

No need to prepare vouchers/receipts manually. Simply use one of our configurable and pre-designed state of the art voucher formats and print.


Attach any number of scanned supporting documents with vouchers without searching for files

Account confirmation

Generate and mail party account confirmations and loan confirmations without any hassle

Approval Management

Keep track of expenses, create ledger specific cost centers/attributes and generate different types of MIS

Ready GST & e-invoicing

No worries on SGST or IGST or e-invoice generation. All GST returns like GSTR1, GSTR3B, GST2A and GSTR9 direct download for upload portal.

Cost Centers / Attributes

Keep track on Expenses, create Ledger specific cost centre / attributes and generate different type of MIS thereon.

Automate TDS Deduction

No knowledge of TDS Sections and accounting process – auto Journal of TDS based on TDS applicability configured in Supplier Master

Frequently asked questions

Accounting software can be the financial hub of your company. You use it to keep accurate financial records and perform tasks like invoice, quotations, expenses, file tax returns, generate financial statements. 

To use desktop accounting software, you must install it on your computer and run it there. All the data relating to your accounts is also stored on your computer.

Cloud accounting software runs on the internet. There’s nothing to install on your computer. To access the software, you visit a website and sign in with a username and password. This means you can use cloud accounting software from virtually any device with a connection to the internet (including tablets and mobile phones, too).

The right accounting software like BreezeERP can make your accounts more accessible and easier to understand without having extensive knowledge of accounting.

It is possible to manage your finances using spreadsheets or even on paper. However, unless you handle a very low number of transactions each month (ten or fewer), accounting software will almost certainly make you more efficient.

Our clients say

"We needed a solution that would merge all departments from Finance to Procurement & Delivery integrating Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Warehouse & specially Projects. The key was availability of information at the right time and the right place and with Breeze ERP solution in place. I would not hesitate to recommend Breeze ERP to any clients, as I know they will receive a world-class service."
Arnab Banerjee
" We have been using Breeze ERP for the last 2 years and it continues to be a strategic solution for all of our Branches and operational requirements.
We are very happy and would not hesitate to recommend their products and services to other companies considering a move to a modern 'Next Generation' ERP system."
Kaaushik Kar

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