Your Accounting Software May Be Outdated: Check Out Better Alternatives

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It is the age of Digital Transformations and are you still using Windows-based accounting software for managing business?

If you are facing the following problems or issues on a daily basis with your current accounting software, chances are that it is outdated and you need a new system in place :

  • Your software doesn’t support mass data import, you still have to do most operations in excel sheets.Record keeping is suddenly becoming time-consuming.
  • You cant create customized invoices yourself, you need a developer to create it for you.  Often you cannot assign serial numbers to the invoices. 
  • Every time you call customer care, you are never satisfied with their response as they probably ask you to buy more add-ons and upgrades to access more features. 
  • Your current software doesn’t allow you to work on multiple ledgers and there’s no proper segregation in the display of ledgers. 
  • Despite having accounting software, internal frauds and misrepresentations of data in your business are still on the rise. 
  • Your current Software is not ideal for multi-branch as it is not hosted on the cloud and becomes expensive to maintain.
  • Data loss is often a problem as it is not on the cloud and therefore no automatic backups are scheduled.

Explore Alternatives to your Current Software: What to look for

Most businesses in India use Tally accounting software for their business but there are plenty of options that would work better. Now that we have helped you recognize your issues from the above list, it’s time to check out options. Ideally, the following points should be considered when considering for an upgrade or changing to a new option:  

Choose Accounting Softwares Integrated with All Business Processes

Instead of having too many software systems for different business processes, it is wise to have single integrated software that is well connected, real-time, and visible across departments. This reduces time drain and makes businesses more efficient. Often there are generalised softwares in the market like Quickbooks , Zoho which have almost all modules but lack industry-specific advanced functionalities. For example, certain businesses work on sale-on-approval basis where delivery challan is an important feature that is not provided by Quickbooks. 

Choose Accounting Softwares with Fraud Detection and Alerts 

We can’t stress this point enough as internal frauds continue to be a cause for concern in small and medium-sized businesses. False invoice payments, anonymous vendor payments, non-purchase payments, and misappropriation of data due to unscrupulous employees need to be monitored in real-time. The Govt has made audit trail mandatory for all ERP systems from April 2021 to prevent such frauds. At the same time, it is advisable to choose an ERP/accounting software  that can prevent such account frauds through alerts! 

Always choose  Cloud-based Accounting Software 

When in doubt, choose Cloud. Cloud accounting software are much more affordable for small businesses and very secure and minimizes the risk of data loss. It is also very easy to integrate with existing systems and requires minimal training and support from the  IT department. 

Breeze ERP provides GST-ready accounting with intelligent reports, customizable invoices, and Tax calculations. From Finance to Sales all your business process remains integrated and 100% visible. Breeze is ideal if you are looking for a cloud-based affordable solution for your retail, manufacturing, or distribution business.  

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