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Do You Have These 8 Most Essential Features in Your ERP?

As a Distributor you want a solution to grow your business rapidly. Hence the need for a powerful ERP solution is inevitable to manage your unique requirements. 
There are multiple ERP solutions that cater to retail and manufacturing & distribution sectors, but most of them lack the ease of user experience and proactivity needed for such business.
For businessmen like you in manufacturing and distribution — inventory plays the most vital role. Inventory is the cash  – the longer it sits there, the less of a return you’re earning on it. Hence your ERPs need in-depth functionality with deep analysis and intelligence.

8 most important features for an ERP to manage your business today are —

  1. Automated rules and alerts
  2. Task management and chat features
  3. Mobile ERP
  4. Favourites
  5. Chat Bot
  6. Notifications and Announcements
  7. Performance and projection report & Dashboards
  8. Knowledge base

Automated Rules & Alerts

  • reduce the time lost in sending out email/SMS alerts for Invoices and Payment Follow-ups
  • could also send additional alerts to the executive responsible for the transaction
  • daily reports like sales and collection of each branch
  • eliminates typing mistakes with Pre-filled data
  • Stock in Stock out alert
  • alerts for stock below re-order levels

Task management and chat features

  • Plan out an employees task based KPIs
  • Easy real time access to all employees for any communication 
  • use internal rating system to measure his performance in real time
  • saves time of your employees in completing their daily tasks
  • Frees up time to concentrate on more important and higher priorities

Mobile ERP

  • Instantaneous access to work center productivity
  • Improved workflow and quicker approval process
  • Order booking, collection, product display, marketing made accessible on mobile
  • With quicker field sales you get larger operational productivity
  • Better communication and support for your customers
  • Anytime access to enterprise and business intelligence

Favourites or Bookmark

  • Being able to mark any work screen as bookmark
  • Ease of access for daily use
  • ERP is vast hence having favourite or bookmark feature saves time in daily activity

Chat Bot

  • A customisable chatbot for your employees
  • Great user experience for the ERP users
  • Easy access to various features of ERP that otherwise needs to be navigated through menu
  • Access to Knowledge Base & micro-learning platform
  • Provides alerts & notifications

Notifications and Announcements

  • Display company wide announcements on dashboards
  • Conduct company wide poll and survey
  • Single notification page to manage all alerts

Performance and projection report & Dashboards

  • KPI based performance reports with projections for each department
  • Company wide Financial report in real time
  • Easy access to P&L, Balance sheet, Stock Valuation, ABC analysis in a click
  • Real time dashboard for Stock with Analysis and projection 

Knowledge base

  • Easy access to documentations for ERP
  • Training material for features and modules
  • Job based training through chatbot
  • 24X7 world class Support 
More and more organisations, these days, are taking to the digital first, cloud, mobile intelligent ERPs to innovation and increase their sales with optimum utilisation of its resources and workforce. BreezeERP has been able to help organisations to become efficient and effective, driving visibility across all business departments and speeding up the process of automation, thereby delivering enhanced efficiency and profitability for companies.
BreezeERP is digital first CLOUD ERP that AUTOMATES & CONNECTS all aspects of your business with a built in INTELLIGENCE that proactively manages your employees and tasks letting you focus on the core of your business.
No more wasted hours in coordination. No more missed opportunity. No more expensive infrastructure. No need for trained professionals. No costly license!! 
BreezeERP envisions to facilitate Indian SMEs & MSMEs to operate effectively and efficiently maximising its business potential without any heavy toll on your CAPEX.
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