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ERP for Post Pandemic India

The year 2021 is shaping up to be the tipping point for digital acceleration in India. The COVID-19 Lockdown has catapulted the usage of digital for small business and enterprises. In the post pandemic world , we find ourselves in a ‘post-digital’ world, where deep adoption of digital across every segment of society, and innovation across every aspect of digital interaction are going to be the key driver of business in India. 

Traditionally for small businesses and enterprises accounting solutions took precedence over a unified platform for all operations. This leads their priorities of ERP to be driven by compliance needs. To carry out operations they usually look for innovative ways to minimise their investments to accelerate their growth. 

As a result, they end up adopting multiple types of IT solutions to manage various aspects of their business – CRM to manage sales activities, financial apps for accounting, and so on. The major business roadblocks then become lack of technology know-how, unclear ROI, high cost for technical support and high investments made in legacy systems.

However, what Indian business needs today is an ERP that is designed to support the synchronization of overall production processes as well as deliver analysis and insights critical to grow a business. Modern ERPs need to be equipped with the power of proactive notifications, automatic follow ups, alerts and automations. They need to be accessible 24X7 for quick decision making and updates.

The decisions that Indian businesses make today about their ERP systems will set their trajectory for years to come in terms of operational flexibility and resilience. The following use cases will take precedence over mere government compliance while choosing the right ERP:

Digital Supply Chains and Smart Manufacturing 

Companies need real-time visibility to better manage supply chains. With an intelligent ERP in place they can run manufacturing operations and supply chains with fewer workers.

Digital Finance, Procurement, and HR Functions

Companies need advanced automation that relies less on professionally trained operators like your accountant, but to make the user experience so smooth aht anyone can use the ERP.

Open, Collaborative Ecosystems

Companies need to collaborate digitally with existing suppliers, as in working remotely with their vendors to forecast demand for the next quarter. They also need to make collections and get orders digitally so that they can be processed in real time giving the company capability to handle larger orderflow. 

Consumer is king

Today customers expect great user experience with any organisation where the order process, delivery and returns are handled at ease without any hassle. It is essential for a business to establish a smooth process for providing the best customer experience possible. 

As companies manage the transition to next-generation ERP with digital solutions and cloud features, they must mitigate risks by first addressing their most urgent business challenges and then preparing for a full transformation and a smooth transition of core ERP functionalities.

For a small business ERP is definitely a key solution to grow. Why?

  • it takes a lot of load off your shoulders. 
  • you will you give alerts and notifications to avoid errors.
  • employees will have easier collaborations. 
  • you will establish a great customer relation hence increase retention.
  • it will help you forecasts to plan your next move.

Breeze is an ERP solution that provides end-to-end ERP software development services to address varied business requirements of our clients. It integrates your systems and syncs all your business processes into a single operation unit giving a clear visibility and control over your organisation and recognises opportunities to improve through intuitive reporting.

BreezeERP includes integrated functionality for financial management, sales, Project management, distribution, inventory, and business intelligence. 

It is web-based, browser agnostic, and responsive on mobile devices. 

Our ERP development services bridge the gap between all the important business functions and bring them under a centrally-managed software platform. For any queries, drop us a line at

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