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A Growth Trajectory for Indian Retail Businesses with Breeze ERP

Indian SMBs are facing grave challenges ahead. This new normal where the general order of business operation, supply chain and overall way of work has been disrupted. The SME & MSME industry now are faced with the question of “How to adapt to the change without compromising on growth?”

Majority of small businesses still operate on manual bookkeeping, unstructured task allocation, paper based attendance system and unorganised sales process. This has a definite impact on their growth rate and scalability.

Moreover, lack of a system that helps keep track of assets, employees, progress, tasks and spend in one place and inability to exercise control over your own business. Lack of visibility and control is the primary deterrent to the growth of your business. 

In a complex supply chain especially in retail, distribution and trading sector, it is important for you to be able to track all your resources i.e employees, inventory, cash and documents to –

  • reduce time to track and find resources and their status
  • be able to maximise utilisation of your finance, inventory & people
  • Manage inventory at lowest cost without stockout 
  • Maximise control on your company by getting visibility into all activity
  • increase revenue by reducing unnecessary expanse


To help Indian Retail, distribution and trading businesses scale their growth  INT. launches its new venture – Breeze.


Why did we build Breeze?

Indus Net Technologies is an enterprise software solution company providing innovative, reliable and trusted solutions for the past 22 years. Over the last 2 decades INT. has worked with the major  retail, distribution and trading companies in India like LG, SRMB, Unilever and many more. 

With decades of expertise in building enterprise products for major players in these sectors INT. ventured into building solutions for small businesses.

With a clear understanding of the needs of smaller businesses in retail and trading, indusnet built Breeze over a period of 3 years. The product team has spent considerable time to understand the requirements of real clients, capturing an exhaustive set of use cases and implemented it to build Breeze.  


What is Breeze?

Breeze is an ERP solution that integrates your systems and syncs all your business processes into a single operation unit giving a clear visibility and control over your organisation and recognises opportunities to improve through intuitive reporting.

BreezeERP includes integrated functionality for financial management, sales, Project management, distribution, inventory, and business intelligence. 

It is web-based, browser agnostic, and responsive on mobile devices.


What are the modules in the BreezeERP suite?

Not every business needs a complete ERP implementation. That is why each of the modules are individual products, customisable and integratable to your existing system. 

From attendance to Payroll, accounting to finance, inventory management to service management – Breeze provides a breadth of resources to improve your business ROI. 


Breeze Accounting: Log in online anytime, anywhere on your devices and see up-to-date financials, statements and pull 100+ reports. It’s a business accounting software that’s simple, smart and frankly quite magical. Get your P&L, Balance sheet and other reports anytime without depending on the accountant. 


Breeze FSM: Track and control the routes and visits of your sales representatives on the field. A solution to do proactive territory management, smarter field execution with GPS directory, geo fencing and live tracking, attendance and reimburse management.


Breeze Inventory: Simple and Powerful Multichannel Inventory management software to help you track orders, control inventory, create shipments, raise purchases and much more. Now you can manage inventory at lowest cost without stockout.


Breeze HR: A stress-free solution that is accurate, fully baked and very secure to tackle the payroll management process and statutory compliance requirements. You can get an accurate picture of all the activity of your employees of your organisation in real time. 


Breeze PoS: Our POS system empowers retailers with a user-friendly interface that aims to deliver seamless retail experiences to its customers and increase efficiency.


Breeze CRM: Full Customisation and Implementation as per your business needs. One Click Quote Creation. Activity Management. Sales Tracking. Lead and Contact Management.


Breeze PM: A solution designed for teams to plan, track & collaborate online. Meet the organisational goals, projects and KPIs on time while managing resources and cost.


Now you would not miss any opportunity in increasing your revenue with a complete visibility and control on your business. Join companies like NORDUSK, MESCAB, ROLLICK, KARUNA GROUP, GREENPLY and many more in improving your business operation and increase profitability.

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